About narcosis nick.com

Welcome! Why is this site called Narcosis Nick and what is narcosis? Well, firstly I’m Nick and narcosis is a diving term used to describe the effect of a change in consciousness while diving at depth. Something I have encountered through years of travelling and diving. An altered state consciousness!

What started off as a one and half year break has now turned into eight years away, a job and a way of life. After visiting many countries, dived many oceans I’m still “living the dream”!

I created this site to document my underwater photographs as well as an opportunity for you to buy my photographs. It also contains my adventures from around the world as well as places I have dived around the world. You can find links to things I care about and passions I have in diving and conservation. This site may also serve as some help for fellow travellers, divers and explorers.

You can follow me on FaceBook and Instgram or email me – narcosisnick@hotmail.com