Africa has the most countries of any continent in the world, 54 to be precise. It is the second largest continent in terms of mass and population. Containing the worlds longest river and the worlds largest free-standing mountain it home to such a diverse array of cultures, skin tones and religions.

My travels started in late Dec in 2009 in Kenya and ended in South Africa at the end of the World Cup in July 2010. Before Kenya I had only visited Africa once before to Marrakesh on a short 4 day holiday. My travels in Africa were going to be the most testing or all my travels so far. By far less westerners around, much more rugged terrain, less public transport and greater distances. 

In Africa you feel a sense of history etched into everything you see. Each country is uniquely different.Each country has its turbulent past. Each country is resurrecting itself from hardship and turmoil. It is the cradle of humankind as we know it yet is now the poorest continent on earth. It also has the youngest population of any continent mainly due to HIV and malaria.

Despite the atrocities Africa is beautiful, alluring and bewitching. You can drive for miles and not see a single soul. Spend days gazing at the magnificent topography that ranges from lush dense rainforests, huge impending moutnain ranges to dry sweeping savannahs. I am glad I managed to explore Africa by many means, bus, train and car. Each of these gave a different outlook on the human and natural life that surrounded the towns and communities.

SA was the end of my travels and it was here the decision was made to either return to the UK or continue to travel and work in SE Asia. I decided on the later, going on to complete my Diving Instructor course in Bali.



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