Officially known as the Republic of Botswana, gained independence from, yes you guess it –  Great Britain in 1961. A very flat land in which 70% of it is encompassed in the Kalahari desert. With a land mass slightly more than that of Spain it only holds around 3 million people which almost makes it feel deserted. A relative quiet upbringing (compared to neighbouring countries) through the last 300 years or so with a strong tradition of democracy and a good standard of living for most. Uganda is the fourth fastest growing country in Africa.

Travel is a lot harder here, safe and easy public transport is throughout the country though roads can be some times dodgy but on the whole good. Just be prepared for long sits from point to point. Hiring a car is by far the most easiest way of getting around. Just make sure you have a spare jerry can of fuel in the car as fuel stations can sometimes be few and far between.

A haven for all wildlife as Botswana now boasts more African elephants than anywhere else and more different species of meerkats! Home to the Okavango Delta Safari and  one of the worlds largest inland deltas, millions of animals flock here every year before and during the rains to feast on the habitat that springs to life. The season re indistinct in Botswana, rains generally start around October and last till the the following March.

Food is good, typically western in most parts but one of the true delights is the abundance of supermarkets and in particular beef. Uganda has a large cattle industry but due to foot and mouth is not allowed to export, therefore most of the meat is sold in the country and areas and is cheap and very good. We only ate out a few times whilst we were there, dining mostly every night around a BBQ.


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