The Kingdom of Cambodia is a small country located between Vietnam, Laos and Thailand on the Southern East mainland of Asia. Just a little less land mass than the UK but with only 15 millions inhabitants you can imagine that Cambodia is a sparse country with rolling rain forests and the typical SE Asia temperature. Cambodia is the only country in the world to have a building on its flag – Angkor Wat.

Cambodia has a very chequered past and is unfortunately most notably remembered for the days of Pol Pot. During his reign he massacred 1/5th of his countries population. These people were the most educated, religious or senior opposition who could have been a threat to him or coropted other peoples minds or oppose his rule. Because of this half of Cambodia’s population is under 18.

Cambodia has been changing its name whenever a new government was installed: It was called the Khmer Republic during its republican years, Democratic Kampuchea under the Khmer Rouge regime, and People’s Republic of Kampuchea under the leftist group called Salvation Front. Today, in its latest government form, it is officially called the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cambodia’s main source of income is tourism and 70% of that is centred around its most famous land mark – Angkor Wat the largest religious monument in the world.

Travel in Cambodia is simple and easy, perhaps the easiest way to explore is by mini bus as destinations are quick and easy to get to.

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