Jambo! Kenya, the former British colony has roughly around 44 million living in roughly the same size of Texas at 362,040 square miles. Kenya borders Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east and has a coastline that stretches along the Indian Ocean. A warm and temperate climate allows for two season wet (March – June) and dry. With the Rift vValley running into Keyna, it has also been known as the cradle of humanity.

Kenya, runs from low lands in the south and coastal areas to rising highlands in the north and Nairobi its capital is about 1mile above sea level. Kenya’s soil is some of the most successful agriculture plains in Africa, which helps in its main exports – Coffee and flowers. The main source of income for Kenya is tourism and it is home to the original Safari, Maasai Mara in the Tsavo National Park. Poverty is still a big factor in Kenya with no real middle class in place, just either rich or poor. Corruption is also common place.

Getting around is easy as many tourists have paved our way before us. VIP luxury busses regular commute from main cities and there is also an overnight rail service (though rustic!) from Nairobi to Mombassa and an easy and relaxing way to get around. Tis does not run everyday so check timetables. Flights are relabel and safe, but your main mode of travel will probably be min bus or car. Roads are ok, just slow in and around cities.

Food, mostly western in places and many restaurants have typically western menus. Try some local cuisine – stews. curries, fried meat with Ugali (maize flour dough). Ugali is a hefty dish on its own and you’ll be full afterwards!

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