The Peoples Democratic Republic of Laos was the first time I had ever visited a Socialist country though Laos is not a “true” socialist country as what you see in the media concerning China and North Korea. The people are friendly and welcoming and at first glance the only difference you notice between it and Thailand is the poor infrastructure compared to Thailand’s standards.  It is a landlocked country boarding China and Burma to the North and North West, Thailand  to the South and Vietnam to the East with a population of around 6 million in an area a little smaller than Thailand.

With deep Chinese and French history, stunning landscape and a cheap place to travel it is a one of the favourite destinations for  backpackers to travel to. It also acts as a good stepping stone into Vietnam and a chance to trek into the mountains, get back to nature and because the north of the country is elevated a chance to get away from the heat.

So country number 3 on the agenda we head from Thailand into the Laos by land.

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