One of my favourite countries in Africa is Namibia. As the second least densely populated country in the world behind Mongolia, there are just 2 million people living inside an area roughly the same size as Spain and Germany combined. Also known as the “Gem of Africa” as so much of Namibia is still the same as it was many centuries ago. It has two distinctive deserts – Kalahari and Namib each with its own distinctive flora and fauna. Home of the worlds second largest canyon (Fish River), the worlds highest and largest sand dunes (Sossusvlei), the largest meteor on earth and 15,000 or so shipwrecks off the Skeleton coast provides Nambia with some of the most amazing backdrops to jaw dropping countryside. Largely malaria-free and with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, no wonder it is one of Africa’s best kept secrets. 

Travel is best done in a car or preferably 4×4, it has some of the best road networks on the continent 1/5 of all roads tarmac’d, but these being the main highways. the majority of roads are level gravel roads, hence the need for a 4×4, but all in good condition. Failing that there re regular mini bus, bus and rail services from one town to the other. Flights in the country are pretty easy but expensive. Food again like most southern Africa countries are generally western influence with some local dishes appearing on the menu.



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