I have been lucky enough to have dived in many different locations throughout the world. Most of my diving has been in the southern hemisphere in Thailnd, Indonesia and the Philipines. Though, I managed some dives in the UK in the the Farne Islands with Grey Seals. I got hooked Dived -Me - Narcosis Nickon diving the first time I took my first breaths underwater. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried diving sooner in my life. For me diving opens up a whole new unexplored world. It’s a peaceful realm and allows me to experience a certain amount of zero gravity. Give me a house reef, a camera and a tank and I am at my happiest. I particularly love exploring nooks and crannies for small macro subjects and watching them interact with the life around it.

Diving has been my passion now for over 8 years after doing my Open Water Course in Utila. I have dived many places, seen many things but like most things in life there is so much more I want to see and explore. My ambition is that my adventures take me to new places and encourage people to dive and to try new things. I hope I can carry on teaching people how to dive and continue their diving education. As well as this I like to educate as many as I can aboutour underwater world. A world that not many people get to explore yet covers over 70% of our planet.

The diving community is a great place to meet so many different people from different walks of life and cultures that share one passion – diving. Its a small community but a close one. When you are on a boat there is always a story to tell and something to learn. I see divers of all ages and walks of life everyday.

Luckily 99% of divers are taught environmental awareness underwater that they pass on. However, with increasing number of divers in the water every year this is more crucial than ever. I have seen with my own eyes the enviromental impact humans are having on our reefs and oceans.

Our oceans are on a fine tipping balance due to rising sea temperatures and levels as well as the overfishing. If we carry on fishing at the rate we are it is likely there will be little or no fish in the oceans to  by 2050. When over 1 billion poeple depend on fish as their primary protein source, you can see how big the problem is. This is one of the main reasons why I try not to eat fish, though in some places have been it is almost impossible not to. I prefer to see them in the sea rather than on a plate. I certainly do not condone eating Tuna but if you must eat fish then make sure it is line caught and eat responsibly and not every day.




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