Asia, the worlds largest and most densely populated continent and where I have spent a lot of my travels and now the place that I work, live and play in. So diverse and culturally different, you could spend your entire life trying to discover it and yet only scratch the surface.

I first arrived in Asia after 3 months in Australia and touched down first off in Phuket. My travels around Asia took me to many countries with still many more to see.

Asia is my food heaven and culinary home. Ranging from Curries in India to Nasi Campur in Indonesia to Bun cha in Vietnam, each region in each country is different from the next.  If I had to pick one country for food, Thailand has to be my favourite country in Asia.

There are too many places to count to dive around Asia. It is home to the Golden Triangle and the diversity of life here is unsurpassed. If I had to pick one country to dive then Indonesia is a clear winner. Ranging from pelagics Mantas and Whalesharks to super macro species. Indonesia has it all when it comes to diving diversity. I still have so many more islands still to discover with some truly epic dive spots.

The shear madness of India will always stick in my mind. Mix that with the outstanding beauty of India makes for a hedonistic combination. I found southern India to be more relaxing with fewer people.

Thailand is now my second home from home, I have spent many years here now on a beautiful Island called Koh Lanta. It hasn’t seen the unbridled mass tourism that our other neighbouring islands have seen. It still retains its island charm, and is small enough to get around and large enough to get lost.

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