Travel Journal

I have crossed many continents, been to many places, dived many oceans and have  just about managed to keep a travel journal of my travels over the years. Enjoy reading some of my adventures that took me from England – Australia – SE Asia – India – Africa and back to SE Asia. I certainly have enjoyed my time exploring new countries and cultures. I have met so many different people from so many different backgrounds. Along the way I have met many characters, eaten many different foods and done things I never expected to do.

I am no Paul Theroux or Bill Bryson but for me this is my personal experiences of my times whilst travelling. The travel journal documents the places  I have been to and the people I met along the way. There are have been some hard times but 99% of the time it has been amazing with no regrets. Taking that initial step into the unknown was the hardest part. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to believe what you are seeing.

After a year and half of real travelling I am a little more settled living in SE Asia working seasons in Thailand (Nov – April) and then in Indonesia ( May – Oct). Once before I wore a suit to work, now I go to work in board shorts and a T-shirt. I used to sit in a queue on the motorway to get to work. Now I hop on my motorbike and I am working on a boat rather than behind a desk. I used to think before leaving the UK that the job I had would be what I worked in for the rest of my life. That has all changed. I used to be an account manager looking after a big supermarkets account. I am now an underwater photographer and dive instructor.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well that’s not true. This dog is up for learning all sorts of tricks!

Enjoy the travel journal I have written and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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