Uganda bordered between Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania lies on the north shores of Lake Victoria and another former British Colony until 1962. Roughly the same size as the UK and with 35 million occupants, Uganda a bit like Cambodia and Pol Pot has a chequered past namely in Idi Amin. During Amin’s 8 year reign he managed to kill over 1/2 million of his countrymen on the fear that they would uprise against him.

Uganda is generally a flat land and centres around the Nile Basin. The climate is similar to Kenya with rains generally from March to June. Whilst Kampala its capital, its a large and growing metropolis the majority of Uganda’s live in the countryside. The infrastructure although good around the cities deteriorates dramatically when outside them. Roads are dogged with potholes and a normal journey that would take a couple of hours can take all day. Also when boarding public buses – the general rule is that the bus has to wait for it to fill up before it departs, journeys backbreaking and cramped. Travelling around cities is easy, either car or the famous Boda Boda – motorbike taxis. 4 Airports and 4 railway lines in the country a make getting around a little more easy.

Probably best known for its antigay stance in Africa where displays of affection can lead to discrimination, bias and even in some areas killings. Uganda is also famed for coffee, colbalt and oil. HIV in Uganda is one of the rare success stories in Africa, falling from 30% of population testing positive in 1980’s to now only 7%. Food is either BBQ’d or comes in stew or curry with Ugali. Most restaurants offer a typically western menu.

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